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Happy Hips

Our hips underpin our torso and provide a solid connection between our upper and lower extremities enabling us to walk, run and jump.   They are fundamental in not only facilitating our movement, but provide strength, stability and support to our spine and organs.  Having happy hips can prevent back, leg and knee pain.


What can cause unhappy hips?

  • Overuse (through exercise and subsequent injury)
  • Medical conditions (such as Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, Tendonitis)
  • Nerve compression
  • Poor posture
  • Underuse (through sitting all day)
  • Muscle/Tendon strains

How massage helps to create happy hips?

Many muscles surround our hips, which, when tight can place unnecessary stress on our joints; for example, many cases of lower back pain are in fact the result of stress on the joints between our pelvis and sacrum (sacroiliac joints), which when left untreated can have negative implications for our spine and cause significant lower back pain.


By reducing muscle tension through massage, the following benefits can be obtained:

  • Increased range and quality of movement
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Prevention of injury
  • Assist with the treatment of known medical conditions
  • Reduced pain or discomfort.

A happy hip package may just help you…..

A personalised hip assessment - to ensure a treatment plan is tailored to suit your individual needs and conditions.

Multi-faceted approach – in addition to general remedial massage, different techniques and tools are used, such as myofascial cups, hot stones, trigger point therapy and passive movement massage (movement of muscle through shortening or lengthening phases to either broaden or lengthen the muscle fibres) to treat muscles surrounding the hips and reduce pain in or around the structure.

Assistance with muscle lengthening and strengthening techniques at home – once muscle tension is reduced, maintenance strategies can be designed to help strengthen your hip muscles and keep them at an optimal length.