COVID safe guidelines at The Movement & Wellbeing Centre

Hello everyone,

We hope you are well.

Moving forward with a new level of awareness to hygiene and community transmission, please could you consider the following new guidelines.

We have implemented COVID safe measures in line with safe work Australia, SA Health and SA government.  All therapists and practitioners at the Movement & Wellbeing Centre have recently completed the Australian Government’s infection control COVID safe course for health care workers.  As a result of this course and guidelines from Safe Work Australia, we have put the following measures in place within the centre and would appreciate you following our suggestions to keep our hygiene standards high:

  • Please either wash your hands in the bathroom or use the hand sanitiser which is on the reception desk.
  • We have installed a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom to keep hygiene standards high.  There is also hand sanitiser in the bathroom. Please make use of them.
  • There are no magazines as this poses risks for cross contamination.
  • Therapists will spend a few minutes longer between appointments deep cleaning the massage room.  We appreciate your patience whilst we do this.
  • Hand sanitisers, hand washing and hand rubbing signs are positioned in the treatment rooms, bathroom and reception to maintain awareness to hygiene.
  • There is a reduction of chairs in the waiting room to abide by physical distancing guidelines.
  • Drinking water is provided in disposal cups.  The water dispenser is constantly cleaned. 
  • Therapists will wear face masks during treatments when clients are lying on their back.  This is to provide confidence and reassurance to you that we are keeping covered when we are near you.
  • As outlined in a previous newsletter, Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus will continue to be diffused within the centre to keep the air clean.  We will also massage with low dilution of tea tree and/or eucalyptus oil.  These oils are anti-microbial, very effective and using them can create a strong protective film between client and therapist to ensure bacteria and viruses are not absorbed.  Please advise your therapist if you do not want a low dilution of tea tree and/or eucalyptus oil in your massage blend.
  • As therapists we will maintain our duty of care by being vigilant as to where we frequent and socialise away from work.
  • If any therapists are feeling unwell, we will cancel and notify clients immediately.
  • Some therapists have had the COVID test to ensure they feel confident going back into clinic to see you.  This again maintains trust and confidence that you are our priority.
  • There is a DO NOT ENTER sign on the reception door and is there to remind people, even if they have a mild symptoms, not to enter.  In order to care for clients and therapists, we all need to be extra vigilant. 
  • In line with SA health government guidelines, if you have a sore throat, sniffly nose, intermittent coughing or fatigue (something you wouldn’t usually see your doctor for), please speak to your doctor and get tested for COVID.  This will help our community to stay hot on the matter.

Please could you consider the following:

  • If you have been outside of South Australia and have an appointment within 7 days of returning, please could you let us know because we will need to postpone your appointment.
  • If you have been near people who have been outside of South Australia and are exhibiting fever, coughing, heavy head cold, general aches and fatigue, please avoid the Movement & Wellbeing Centre for 7 days after exposure to the person you were in close proximity to.
  • If you have flu like symptoms and a fever, please stay at home and self isolate for 7 days.
  • If you have been in the centre very recently and either you or a household member has been tested positive for Covid-19, PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY ON:

0414 541 564



We care for you all deeply and we hope you understand our stance on these policies and procedures.  All our clients are very important to us, however there are ones that attend the clinic that are immuno-compromised, elderly and awaiting surgery.  So we want to continue giving them and you the very best care and attention.

Thank you for considering these guidelines.  As you know, my dear home country, the UK has been badly affected and it has caused us to feel such heartache.  We have loved ones who have been directly affected by COVID.  So as exhaustive as the list above is, I am sure you understand how as a team, we are eager to stay on top of COVID and prevent clusters happening within our community.