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Anxiety arises when there is a feeling of not being in control. Stress is a result of having multiple situations that are out of your control.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has hit globally is an experience many of us have never been through and are dealing with many unknown situations. How bad is the virus? What will happen to my job, my family?  Are just some of the many questions swirling inside our heads. There have been shocking sights in the media of shops being stripped bare, massive lines at the checkout and a sense of panic. There has been aggression and physical fights over products that are on limited supplies.

The panic seems to have been a way for people to take back a small sense of control, it has provided people with a sense of purpose. The aggression is coming from people who have used all their mental resources to battle through their own anxieties only to find more stress where they had hoped that they might have been about to gain some control back.

Being in isolation means you need to completely shut yourself off from the world.

Connect with friends and family using social media, things like Facebook and what’s app where you can “facetime” and video chat with each other.

Send text messages and make phone calls – talking to people will help stimulate your brain and allow you to take a break from constantly listening to your own thoughts swirl through your head.

Write letters and post them, reach out to your neighbours, introduce yourself through a letter and place it in their letterbox.

If you have children, get them to draw pictures that you can post to friends and family or again place them in letterboxes in your neighbourhood.

It’s up to you to stay connected, these interactions are really important for all of us.

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