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As we approach Autumn, we have to be mindful of our immune system so we can sail through the colder months.  Below are a few top tips from the Movement & Wellbeing Centre practitioners:

Leonie Wilhelm, Remedial & Lymphoedema therapist.

”Clean your supermarket trolley handles before shopping.  This can help keep your immune system boosted.  If you were to take a sample from the handles of a supermarket trolley, you would be surprised at the amount of bacteria lurking on them!  Prevention is key.”

Heidi Hadley, Remedial massage therapist & Clinical Somatic Educator.

“I have two tips, sorry!!  Stock up on tea tree oil and eucalyptus for your diffuser this winter.  The synergistic properties of these two powerful oils are amazing!  They possess antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties.  Keeping the air clean with these oils will protect you and your family.  My second tip is to develop a daily somatic movement practice, even if it is only 10 minutes. 

Here are some of the benefits:

– It relaxes your nervous system if you feel anxious or stressed
– The movement will boost lymphatic flow and in turn increase your immune function
– It reduces muscular tension
– It increases mobility
– It reduces your pain because the belly of the muscles are releasing.  The belly of the muscles provide the strength and power to move your body.  This in turn will take pressure off your ligaments, tendons and joints.  This is all achieved WITHOUT stretching.”

Rachel Bailey, Counsellor for Happiness Matters:

“It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks, we will be moving out of the season of summer and into Autumn. This year it has felt like our summer has been all over the place, one very inconsistent season, while our bodies fight to keep up with the inconsistent weather, we often forget about our emotional wellbeing.

Take some time to go outside and experience what nature has to offer, use the end of summer, start of autumn to top up your vitamin D levels while you can, go for a walk and notice the smells, sounds and sights – having an appreciation for nature can be very grounding and provide you with some space to unwind, slow down and re-centre yourself.

Getting enough sleep is also vital. Without a good night’s sleep we are unable to function properly, with daylight savings ending it is a good excuse to re-check our sleep hygiene to make sure we are setting ourselves up for a good night sleep to ensure we are able to keep our mind and bodies alert and active during the dark, cold winter months.”

If you are experiencing a persistent low mood, or have concerns about your mental health, please make an appointment with Rachel Bailey at Happiness Matters Counselling – Ph: 8166 7733 or email


And now for something completely different and quirky from Sarah Hughes, Remedial massage and Myofascial cupping therapist:

“Autumn brings shorter days – make sure your car lights are in tip top shape by cleaning them with toothpaste.

Since car manufacturers stopped using glass for headlights and instead started to use polycarbonate or plastic, headlights have a habit of becoming cloudy (which is caused by oxidation).  This cloudiness decreases night time visibility, which can impact on your safety. 

Believe it or not toothpaste is fantastic for removing stains for car headlights as it contains a mild abrasive. So just like your teeth, toothpaste can keep your cars headlights shining brightly – making you and your car smile.”

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Take care,

The Movement & Wellbeing Centre team